Gum Disease Therapy

It all starts out with you. And that is Home care.

The absence of gum disease and tooth decay will help you maintain your teeth for life. Our hygienists work hard with Dr. Schneider to establish and maintain a program tailored to meet your specific needs.

It all starts out with you. And that is Home care. Good home-care is important if gum disease and tooth decay are not to progress to more serious problems. Remember more teeth are lost due to gum disease than tooth decay.

Our Dental Hygienists are highly trained to help prevent dental disease by helping you care for your teeth and gums and consulting on your diet.

Periodontal diseases are usually slow in progressing and it can take a number of years for enough bone loss to occur for the teeth to become loose. It is known a a silent killer disease. Before you know it, the disease is there and irreversible damage could occur. But with a thorough exam, clinical findings, and radiographs (X-Rays), The disease is easily diagnosed and treatment slows or halts it in it's tracks. But the key is you have to be seen by Dr. Schneider or his Dental Hygienists.

Treatment becomes more difficult as it progresses but it can be very successfully treated in the earlier stages. The initial treatment is carried out by the hygienist but the day to day care of your gums is up to you ( Home Care). The visits to our hygienists and their advice will help you maintain your teeth.

Causes of Periodontal disease:
The factors below are the most common seen in patients with gum disease, but they are not all possible factors; additionally we see patients with few of the causative factors and advanced disease. This is why regular follow-up visits with the dentist and the hygienist are so important. Smoking, Genetics, Pregnancy, Stresses, Medications, Biting forces, Diabetics, Poor nutrition Other systemic diseases, Poor existing dental habits, Lack of any professional care, Just not caring.

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