Preventative and Family Dentistry

General Wellness Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is the very best dentistry and the easiest to maintain. It comes by Regular checkups that encourage a lifetime of great oral health and early detection can avoid most costly expensive major repairs. Sadly, oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer having the worst five-year survival rate. The tongue, floor of the mouth, and lips are the most common and the most debilitating form of oral cancer. The good news is that it is readily diagnosable during most routine dental check ups. We check your tongue and floor of your mouth at every dental cleaning.

Children's Dentistry

A lifetime of sound oral health begins with early education. The children we see develop a close friendship with familiar faces which helps them look forward to each visit. When treating our young patients, we pay special attention to their comfort-knowing that their experiences at the dentist now will have a lasting effect on their oral health attitudes for life. We enjoy treating children that communicate well and those that are mature enough to understand that we are here to help them. It is an important and rewarding part of our practice.

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