Oral Diagnosis and Case Planning

Our Office Beliefs' and Practice Vision is what we live by and practice by in our business as well as in our personal lives.

We, at Phoenician Dentistry offer a unique approach to your planning and diagnosis of your teeth and oral care. We first start out with the idea that you know what you desire for your teeth, what is in discomfort, and the problems you may have that may need attention. We listen to your needs and desires first, after that we then ask for your permission to hear what our findings are and what treatment we recommend to bring your oral health to the optimum level. There can be simple problems like tooth decay or very advanced rare oral growths (pathology) that have no symptoms whatsoever. We tend to be very conservative in diagnosis and treatment. However in the end, after educating you about your mouth and the treating options available; you make the call on which treatment and how fast you want to proceed.

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